Paradoxia: the podcast is about the paradoxes we hold as people—the gray areas, the cognitive dissonance. What does it mean to be a feminist and watch The Bachelor? To be politically-engaged and take time away from the news? Each episode I interview someone about the paradoxes they hold and how they reconcile. ‘Cause “we contain multitudes,” right?

You can listen wherever you find your podcasts or listen below. If you have questions/comments/ideas for future episodes, please email me at paradoxiathepodcast@gmail.com.

Episodes (Seasons 1 and 2)

S2. E7. Alternative Therapy, Internal Family Systems & Accepting All the Pieces with Emma Donovan Paradoxia: the podcast

In this episode, Rachel talks with Emma Donovan, alternative therapist and inner work educator. Emma shares about her journey and the framework of internal family systems for integrating the parts of ourselves. They discuss Emma’s experience with yoga, therapy, coaching and working with clients and with herself to lead a life that feels whole.  Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Emma Donovan Show Notes Emma's Websites: http://www.alternativetherapystl.com and http://www.theinnerworkhub.com Emma's Instagram: @innerworkgirl Greta Thunberg Article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/02/greta-thunberg-responds-to-aspergers-critics-its-a-superpower Vinyasa Yoga School: https://vinyasayogatraining.com New Life Foundation: https://www.newlifefoundation.com/th/ Liz Gilbert on Super Soul Sunday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqTZVc3yYxU Sukha and Sthira: https://charleyoga.com.au/sukha-sthira-yoga/ Get Connected: Email me, Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: paradoxiathepodcast@gmail.com and follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram. You can also visit my website at rachelvinciguerra.com for more information.  — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rachel-vinciguerra/support
  1. S2. E7. Alternative Therapy, Internal Family Systems & Accepting All the Pieces with Emma Donovan
  2. S2. E6. T.rexcellent: Dinosaurs, Theater, and Interpretation with Andrew Rossi
  3. S2. E5. Medical Design & Illustration: Art, Science & Women's Health with Haley Fig Barber
  4. S2 E4. Blanket and Board: Food, Friendship, Connection with Tierra Thorne and Colleen Peddycord
  5. S2. E3. Reframe History: African American Art, Stories & History with Shelli Reeves

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