Hi, I’m Rachel!

When I was little, I used to spend hours writing and illustrating my own stories. I would sneak to the printer for a few sheets and paper and bind my books with staples or a three-hole punch and some string.

As I got older, I kept writing stories. Sometimes true stories from the places I traveled and the things I learned. And sometimes made up stories from my own imagination.

Now, I am getting ready to publish my first children’s book, Spirit and Oppy, and can’t wait to share it with you!

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Upcoming Books

My first children’s book, Spirit and Oppy, will be published in February 2021. I can’t wait for you to see the beautiful illustrations by Samantha Gottwalt!

Spirit and Oppy
By Rachel Vinciguerra, Illustrated by Samantha Gottwalt
Vinci Press, February 2021

Oppy is the affectionate nickname of one of NASA’s twin Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. The sisters traveled to Mars in 2003 and explored the surface sending measurements and photographs back to Earth. This is the story of all they learned.

The robot rover sisters were determined, patient, and persistent! Their mission was only meant to last 90 days, but they explored the planet for over 15 years. They shared all they learned with scientists on Earth, right up until the very last day of their mission.

Reactions from Spirit and Oppy beta-readers:

 I love the story, I think you’ve done a wonderful job describing the situation for kiddos to grasp.


I am in LOVE with how you integrated science, history and girl power. I can’t wait to read it to a future class!


My Bio

RACHEL VINCIGUERRA is a first-time children’s book author, social worker, and yoga instructor. She manages the Hello Neighbor Network, a national network of grassroots organizations supporting refugees. She lives in Pittsburgh with her cat, Zéb, and some chickens.


Rachel Vinciguerra is a children’s book author who lives in Pittsburgh with her little cat Zéb.

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