Mary Canary and the Worried Feeling

Mary Canary and the Worried Feeling
By Rachel Vinciguerra, Illustrated by Haley Fig Barber
Vinci Press, May 2021

One worried bird. An island full of friends. Mary Canary will have to rise to the challenge when one day everything changes. She may learn more about herself than she ever imagined.

Mary Canary is a worried little bird and all her friends on the island know it. Despite her worries, things were going alright until the day that everything changed.

Could Mary rise to the challenge and be just the bird to save the day?

A sweet story with bold art makes this perfect for reading out loud to little ones learning to understand their worried feelings.

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“Some of the greatest gifts parents can give their children are emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. This book does just that. With adorable illustrations and a gripping story line, this book will help both adults and children alike to befriend their worry and know how it can be used for good. I especially recommend this book for highly sensitive children.”

Emma Donovan, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I think Mary the canary is a great example for kids who are sensitive and in tune with their emotions. Mary’s ability to tune in and pay attention to herself, her friends, and her environment is a great strength and can help kids understand and value their own ability to do so. I think this book would be a great tool for therapists, parents, teachers— anyone helping kids navigate anxiety. I plan to share it with my own clients because I think it’s clear and creative in a way that kids will enjoy and learn from.”

Chelsea Myrick, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist

“What a beautiful gift it is to encourage sensitivity as a strength. This story invites children and families to consider their feelings and intuition as tools that can help us navigate through life. I’m excited to share this simple and curious bedtime story to help my children explore and name how they experience the world around them.”

Alecia Dawn, Founder, YOGAMOTIF