Group Yoga Instruction

I can offer sessions of vinyasa/flow, hatha, yin/restorative, and meditation sessions for groups remotely or in person. My classes integrate physical practice, breathwork, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

Private Yoga Lessons

I offer private yoga lessons in a variety of styles remotely or at a mutually-agreed location. Private lessons are typically 45 minutes and focus on yoga philosophy, breath, and safe physical alignment.

Yoga U PGH & Yoga Love Classes

I’ve taught vinyasa flow, hatha and yin classes in Pittsburgh and online. I am not actively teaching right now, but will update here when I start again.

Mindfulness in Mentoring

A session for college mentors at Strong Women, Strong Girls that included strategies to use physical yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation with elementary girls through a trauma-informed lens.


What was so beautiful about this experience was a sense of safety and community that was established from day one so that people could share. Beautifully curated and facilitated.”

-Retreat Participant